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Our Team

Abby Cox

Administration Assistant

618 624-5588 ext. 107

Abby Cox helps us keep in touch with clients. Abby is hard-working, passionate about people, a skilled communicator, and a detailed planner. She earned a degree in Christian education from Wheaton College and worked with the military...
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Geri Voellinger

Branch Operations Manager

618-624-5588 ext. 103

As Burgdorf & Associates Office Manager, Geri ensures operational effectiveness and exceptional customer service. Geri has an Associate’s Degree in Business and has worked twenty-two years in the financial sector, twelve of which...

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Karen Dickey

Administrative Assistant

618 624-5588 ext. 101

Karen is a recent addition to the Burgdorf and Associates team as of December 2020 but has worked for her husband Kevin, another rep on the team, for several years. In addition to helping Mark with his clients, she will continue to...

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Kevin Dickey, Registered Financial Consultant

Financial Advisor and Chief Investment Officer

618 624-5588 ext. 106

618 624-6839

Kevin has the dual role of providing comprehensive financial planning services to our clients as well as supervising our process for investment selection and oversight. Having become interested in the markets while still in grade...

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Mark Burgdorf, Certified Wealth Strategist®, Accredited Investment Fiduciary®

President & Senior Wealth Advisor


Mark Burgdorf, President of Burgdorf and Associates Wealth Managers Inc. has been providing clients with comprehensive financial planning services for over 30 years. Mark began his career as an IT professional in the Insurance Industry...

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Martin Zahn

Senior Client Services Associate

618-624-5588 ext. 109

Martin Zahn began his career in financial services in 1989 when he joined one of the largest independent financial planning firms in the St. Louis area. There he learned the programs so well that he began training and consulting other...

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Matthew Cox

Registered Financial Advisor

618 624-5588 ext. 150

Matthew Cox is a Financial Advisor with Burgdorf Wealth Managers. Matt previously worked as an engineer for the military. This background has enhanced his skills as a detailed planner and a quick learner. He also has a degree in...

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Tina Burgdorf

Client Services Associate

618-624-5588 ext. 100

Our clients are like family to us, therefore customer service is essential in our work. Tina Burgdorf supports Mark and our clients through excellent attention to service that she developed earlier in her professional career in IT and...

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